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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Porta Potty for Your Next Event

5 Reasons You Should Rent a Porta Potty for Your Next Event

If you are planning an event, big or small, a port-a-john rental may be at the back of your mind. However, restroom trailers and portable toilets are a very practical way to meet the needs of your guests. 

Whether you are planning a huge outdoor event like a music festival or a graduation party, renting portable restrooms will ensure your guests will have access to clean facilities – and it can even reduce foot traffic in and out of your home.

Hand washing stations are a great add-on to any port-a-potty rental, as they will provide extra spaces to wash hands and remain clean. 

There are many reasons that you should rent port-a-potties for special events. They are a fast, convenient, and affordable way to provide restroom access for your guests. Below are the top 5 reasons port-a-potty rentals should be included in the event planning process.

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1. Environmental Impact

Did you know that port-a-potties conserve water and have less of an environmental impact than toilets? In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency states that port-a-potties save more than 125 million gallons of water every day.

Portable toilets require far less water than it takes to flush a toilet. Typically, human waste is flushed away in our toilets with water, port-a-potties are different. They also generate less sewage and waste than regular toilets. 

2. Convenience

Avoid having guests wait in long lines for the bathroom. In addition, portable restrooms can be set up in a variety of places, meaning that your guests will not have to trek to a bathroom. 

For at-home events, temporary, outdoor facilities will reduce foot traffic in and out of your home.

3. Affordability

Renting a port-a-potty is a cost-effective way to ensure your event has plenty of facilities for your guests.

4. Comfortability

Our port-a-johns are clean and come stocked with hand sanitizer and toilet paper. In addition, it will increase the comfort of your guests.

You need to have enough restrooms to accommodate your guests. This will help them avoid waiting in long bathroom lines. If you are serving food and drinks, especially alcohol at an event, having adequate bathrooms is even more important. 

5. Safe Management of waste

Port-a-johns are a safe way to manage and dispose of human waste. In addition, they come equipped with chimneys and other features to ensure proper ventilation.

How many standard porta potties do I need?

The number of porta potties you need depends on the size and length of your event. You must also consider if food and beverages will be consumed. It can be a little confusing to figure out exactly how many porta potties you need.

A good rule of thumb is that 2 rentals can accommodate 50 people for up to 4 hours. Two port-a-potties may be enough for a two-hour event for 100 people, but that number doubles if the event will last all day.

If you are serving food and drinks at your event, porta potty rental numbers go up 20 percent. This is even more important when alcohol is being served, as it makes people use the restroom more frequently.

You should also have porta potties that accommodate people with disabilities. 

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