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How Do Portable Chemical Toilets Work

How Do Portable Chemical Toilets Work

Finding the most functional portable toilet for any event or jobsite is essential. With so many choices available knowing which type of restroom works best for your needs may seem like a stressful process.

With an understanding of how chemical portable toilets work, the process of deciding which option will be best suited for your needs is made easy.

how do porta potties work

Understanding how porta potties work

Portable travel toilets provide an easy and sanitary option for any range of events. Portable chemical toilets utilize chemical mixtures that are kept inside different tanks within the toilet. Chemical toilets have multiple tanks, such as freshwater tanks and holding tanks, that distribute sanitary products as needed. Chemicals are placed into the holding tank to keep odors, waste, and other hazardous materials safely maintained.

Portable restrooms typically have the necessary features of toilet paper holders, a seat and lid, and waste bags. However, these toilets are maintained through different processes than residential or non-portable restrooms. This is due to the more compact and simple designs of most portable bathroom options.

Chemically-based portable toilets have similar structures to residential bathrooms, with maintenance being one of the most different details. Portable toilets have tanks, which are stored beneath the seat and lid, that contain the chemical mixtures used to maintain cleanliness. However, the chemicals do not fully ensure that waste is disinfected. This means that routine cleaning and mindfulness of safe areas to empty the restroom are necessary.

Maintaining a sanitary portable restroom

One necessary detail to note is that chemical toilets should only be emptied into designated dumping stations, as the chemicals and human waste in the toilet is a safety hazard if not properly disposed of. For chemical restrooms, routine cleaning and maintenance is needed. While chemical toilets do have the advantage of disinfectants, and odor preventing products, cleaning is recommended around every three days to weekly. Properly cleaning portable bathrooms as needed improves the durability and long-term quality of the restroom.

Using chemical portable toilets for camping

One of the most popular restroom options for camping is a moveable toilet. The most widely used types of restrooms for camping include portable composting toilets and flushable camping toilets.

Composting toilets do not use chemicals; however, these toilets often require much more maintenance than chemical toilets because sanitation risks are more likely. Although more environmentally friendly, composting toilets may be more difficult to properly maintain over time.

Flushable camping toilets

One of the major benefits of flushable toilets is convenient sanitation. Flushable camping toilets, similar to non-moveable flushable toilets, use tanks and flushing systems to function. The freshwater tank and holding tank are the main components of this type of toilet. Flushable portable toilets use chemicals to maintain the functionality and cleanliness that makes use easy.

Depending on use, water is added to freshwater tanks to refill the toilet as needed. The necessary chemicals are added to the waste or holding tank in order to keep the toilet sanitary. Mixtures of chemicals, typically a blue-colored mixture, help keep odors at bay despite not fully disinfecting the waste within the restroom. Similar to most portable restrooms, flushable camping toilets should be cleaned routinely to keep them functioning safely.

Chemical porta potty rental options

When you are looking to rent a porta potty, two of the most important things to be aware of are practicality and cost efficiency. There are many reasons to rent a portable toilet. Two of the most popular include special events and for job sites. Luckily, Amplify has options for both – whatever your sanitation needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Having porta potties ready for your guests will ensure the success of any event. Even if the event is at your home, you may want to consider renting a porta potty for outdoor events. This will reduce foot traffic into your home and prevent long bathroom lines from forming.

Renting a porta potty, either for a short period of time or a long one, is a more cost-efficient option that gives you the extra flexibility you need. Portable restroom rentals can be applied in almost any outdoor setting including campsites, concerts, outdoor weddings, job sites, community days and more.




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