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How to Maintain and Clean Portable Toilets

How to Maintain and Clean Portable Toilets

One of the most important parts of porta potty rentals, especially those rented for long periods of time, is proper sanitary maintenance. Maintaining a portable toilet is essential to keep it hygienic, clean, and functioning properly over the course of your rental.

Cleaning a porta potty is not difficult, especially once you know the proper steps involved and the right products to use, you will be able to clean and maintain your long-term porta potty rentals quickly and easily.

How to Maintain and Clean Portable Toilets

Keeping Porta Potties Clean

Before you begin cleaning, it is always a good idea to have a plan in place and to keep a few things in mind. The overall cleaning process of each porta potty type is relatively the same, however, some unit types, like restroom trailers, have different maintenance requirements.

Remember, keeping porta potty units clean is essential to keep them sanitary and in good working order. There are also a few preventative measures that can be made to ensure that the porta potties stay clean.

One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have enough bathrooms and that the porta potties can meet the demands of guests. If demand is not met, not only will you have long lines, but there will be no time for the porta potties to be serviced or for them to air out between uses. You may also want to install freshening strips into the porta potty units, as bathrooms that smell clean as usually perceived as cleaner.

For long term events, it may make sense to hire professionals to maintain the portable toilets throughout the day. Make sure to ask your porta potty rental service providers will include maintenance as part of your rental agreement, so be sure to always ask.

Keeping Our Porta Potty Fleet Clean

At Amplify, all of our porta potties come with a cleanliness guarantee. To keep our units clean, we follow a 4-step plan.

  1. Get Rid of Waste

The first step we take is to remove any waste from the holding tank. After the waste is removed, it is taken to local water treatment facilities to be processed and treated properly.

  • Charging the Unit

The next step is to charge the unit for its next use. A blue additive is pumped into the tank, which acts as both a disinfectant and as odor control for the unit. You will know your porta potty needs serviced when it turns from blue to a greenish color.

  • Cleaning the Inside

We then clean the inside of our units and scrub down the interior walls and all surfaces within the portable toilet rental. All major contact points are cleaned and disinfected. The entire interior of each unit is scrubbed clean, including the walls, floor, toilet seat, and more.

  • Restocking

The last step is to restock the porta potty with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap and paper towels where applicable. After this, our porta potties are clean and ready to use.

How to Stop a Portable Toilet from Smelling?

One of the best ways to keep a portable restroom from smelling is to keep them clean and to maintain them properly. There are a few surefire ways to keep your porta potty rentals smelling good.

The first is to regularly air out your units for about 30 minutes every couple of hours. Keeping them closed is actually one of the fastest ways to create an environment for bacteria to grow and to have a foul-smelling toilet.

Another way to keep porta potties from smelling is to use deodorizers in the porta potty to absorb the odor. Odor-control can be added in the form of air fresheners or through cleaning tablets that are thrown into the tank.

Sanitation Products and Cleaning Supplies for Portable Restrooms

Sanitation can come in many forms for porta potties. For all units, proper sanitation is required to maintain a clean and safe bathroom. There are many different products on the market that can be used to keep porta potties clean.

The blue liquid in the holding tanks is one of the most important parts of a porta potty and keeping it clean. They have different features and benefits that include odor control, deodorizers, and disinfectants.




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