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Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites

Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites

For any construction project, having the proper sanitation and health equipment is key. The ability to use rental toilet facilities for construction sites allows workers to have necessary access to a bathroom during the project. With the best rental washrooms, any type of construction project is made efficient and safe for workers and production processes.

The Importance of Construction Porta Potty Rentals

Providing the necessary portable sanitation and washroom options for workers during the construction process is essential to keep workers safe. Not only does having the proper utilities and equipment provide a safer work environment, but it also increases the comfort and productivity of employees.

porta potty for construction site

Construction Site Porta Potty Requirements

Most options regarding porta john rentals are available with a range of cleanliness features that are important to be mindful of. With so many types of portable restrooms available, knowing which factors are most important to be aware of keeps finding the best choice simple.

The number of toilets needed for a construction site mainly depends on the number of workers involved with the project and the size of the project. Larger construction projects typically require more workers to be completed efficiently, which means that more portable restrooms are required.

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Association or OSHA requires at least 1 restroom for projects with 20 workers or less. As the number of workers needed for the construction project increases, so does the number of required restrooms to keep the workspace safe and clean.

In order to provide the optimal workspace, keeping portable restrooms in shaded areas, away from hazards, but also accessible is strongly advised, regardless of the restroom type.

Construction Rental Portable Toilet Options and Types

There are many types of construction portable toilets are available with a range of rental options. While researching the various types for a construction site, it is important to keep rental prices in mind, as pricing varies with each option. The type of construction site and the circumstances of the project are necessary to be mindful of as well. This will allow the process of narrowing down the available options a much quicker process.

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets, or porta potties, are one of the most widely used restroom option for construction sites for many reasons. One of the top reasons for porta potty use is that this option tends to be more practical compared to restroom trailers, for example. Although porta potties do not offer the some of the more luxurious benefits as restroom trailers, they are more readily accessible and cost efficient. Porta potties are rather easy to move, which makes transporting them throughout a construction zone a less complicated process.

Portable toilets tend to be more functional for construction areas because of their compact design. Although porta potties do not have features such as hand washing stations or as much comfortability as restroom trailers, they are extremely useful for a wide variety of applications.

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers provide the added features of running water for handwashing stations, as well as flushable toilets. These types of rental toilets are typically more costly; however, they do offer a many benefits that may make the investment worthwhile.

While restroom trailer renting is beneficial for creating a comfortable environment, there are a few downsides to be aware of when renting restroom trailers for construction sites. One of the major downsides may be the lack of ease for practical placement. Restroom trailers are usually larger in order to accommodate the added features and quality of the stalls. The larger size of these restrooms and high-rise or platfor, structure may make placing them on a construction site more difficult.




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