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Prioritizing Safety on Construction Sites

Prioritizing Safety on Construction Sites

Safety on construction sites is a must; port-a-johns are no exception. Construction sites are busy areas that see a lot of movement of people, heavy machinery, and materials. Because of this, the need to prioritize safety on job sites is extremely important to lower workplace injury for employees and to decrease the chance of accidents and injuries.

Prioritizing safety on job sites also requires proper restroom facilities and hand wash stations for construction workers. Create a safe working place for your employees by understanding common dangers on and around your job site.

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Common Hazards on Job Sites

The most common dangers that may affect site safety during your construction project are falls and falling debris. In addition, the health and safety of your employees rely on proper waste management.

Falls are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries on a job site.  As required by law, a construction site includes the use of fall protection for those who are six feet or more above the ground. In addition, workers should have knowledge and training that outlines how to properly use equipment such as ladders, stairways, scaffolding, and more.

In addition, employees must be protected from falling objects and other debris. Protective gear against common hazards includes safety goggles, hard hats, masks, gloves, protective clothing, and steel-toed boots. Protective clothing will help reduce the risk of injury on a job site.

Porta Potty Rentals for Construction Sites

Another huge part of safety on construction sites is proper sanitation on the job site. Portable restrooms are an easy, long-term solution to provide sanitation and waste management on your job site.

Construction projects typically last for an extended period of time, with many people coming in and out of the job site. Part of providing your employees with a safe and satisfactory work environment is providing restrooms for when your employees need to relieve themselves. Porta potties offer a clean, sanitary way for workers to do their business and clean their hands after.

Renting portable toilets is an easy solution for human waste on construction sites. Not only that, it is an OSHA requirement to have restroom and hand washing facilities on your job site. However, these requirements are often lacking and only represent the bare minimum for your employees. 

How many port-a-john rentals do I need?

OSHA requirements depend on the number of employees on the job and are as follows:

  • at least one bathroom: 20 employees or less
  • At least one bathroom and 1 urinal: every 40 employees
  • At least one bathroom and 1 urinal: if you have over 200 employees, you need at least 1 of each for every 50 employees

However, this is just the minimum requirement and truly is not enough if you are trying to provide a pleasant and good work environment. More restrooms will only reduce the amount of time it takes for your employees to go. We recommend that you have 1 porta potty for every 10 employees.

Amplify has porta potties to help you meet the needs of your employees. We offer clean, quality port-a-potty rentals at affordable prices. Call us to get a quote on renting a porta potty for your next project.




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