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Sanitation with Port-a-Potties for Oil & Gas Locations

Sanitation with Port-a-Potties for Oil & Gas Locations

The Importance of Sanitation

Sanitation is very important on job sites, not only does it impact the safety of your employees, but proper sanitation is critical to providing a positive work environment. On a construction site, your employees must have clean drinking water, restroom facilities (port-a-john), and hand washing stations to meet current government regulations. 

Portable restrooms offer a long-term solution for proper sanitation on a work site. Renting portable toilets is a great way to ensure the health and safety of your oilfield crew.

Temporary toilets, like porta john rentals, make it easy and convenient for your employees to use the restroom. Our standard porta potties are a perfect solution for construction on gas and oilfields. 

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Safe Drinking Water

Workers on a job site must have access to clean drinking water at all times. This water must meet local and state safety requirements. In addition, any containers used to distribute drinking water must have a lid and a tap. These containers should also be clearly marked.

In addition, if disposable cups are provided, you must provide a sanitary way to store the cups and provide a trash can to dispose of the used cups.

Any nondrinking water on the job site must be labeled and identified by requirements and symbols dictated by OSHA. 

Restroom Trailers

Toilets must be provided on all construction sites. Current OSHA requirements are based on the size of your crew and are as follows:

  • 20 crew members or less: One toilet
  • More than 20 crew members: One toilet and one urinal per 40 employees
  • 200 or more crew members: One toilet and one urinal per 50 employees

Sinks and Showers

In addition, every construction site must have sinks or hand washing stations for its workers. They must have both hot and cold running water, hand soap, and individual hand towels or air blowers.

In some places, shower stalls are required to meet sanitation requirements. There must be one shower provided for every 10 employees of each sex. In addition, they have both hot and cold water. You must also provide body soap and other cleaning products, as well as clean towels for each individual employee.

Amplify currently serves many gas and oilfield sites with our porta potty rental services. Rent a port-a-potty with Amplify for your oilfield job site. Our porta potties are clean and affordable, meeting the sanitation needs of your business when and where you need them.




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